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MDT serie
Magnetisch aangedreven turbine pompen

Seal-less construction

Thanks to magnet drive seal-less construction, no liquid leaks and no shaft seal replacement is required.

High pressure/high vacuum

Small size but high pressure up to 0.35MPa is available. It can be used for negative pressure of suction side because it makes suction pressure up to 8.00kPa.

Non-metal construction

Wet ends are corrosion resistant materials such as PPS, PEEK, ceramic, carbon. It can handle various chemicals such as acid and alkaline solutions because no metal is used.

Compact design

Ideal for incorporation in equipment and apparatus because it is small size and compact design.

Sealing methodSeal-less construction
Max. vacuum8.00 to 9.33 kPa (abs)
Max. discharge pressure 0.35 MPa
Max. discharge capacity17/20 L/min
Liquid temp. range-20 to 95 C deg. (depending on liquid)
Suction, discharge boreR1/2 or 1/2NPT

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