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FF, FF-H serie
Pneumatic drive bellows pumps

The FF series are specified for use with medium temperature liquids (The PVC cylinder type: 5 to 50 C deg.; Al cylinder type: 5 to 100 C deg.) and the FF-H series are designed to handle a wide range of chemical liquids ranging from ordinary temperatures to high temperatures (20 to 180 C deg.).

The liquid end parts are made entirely from fluororesin and free from contamination as they are designed so as to use neither rubber nor metal. As the bellows are completely welded with the body of the FF-H series, there is no leakage due to heat cycles. The dead volume of air is minimized for saving the consumption of air.

The packing of the pump shaft can be replaced with a new one easily, without disassembling the pump.

The suction port and discharge port are of PFA tubular structure in the FF-H series. For the FF series, a tubular structure type and pump attached with special fitting are available.

When connected to a special controller, the discharge can be controlled and monitored easily.

Main materialsPTFE, PFA
Max. Air consumption180 NL/min
Liquid temp. rangeB type: 5 to 100 C deg. C TYPE: 5 to 50 C deg.
Max. discharge capacity22 L/min
Max. stroke speed120 spm
Max. supplied air pressure0.3 MPa

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