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FA serie
Pneumatic drive bellows pumps

There are two standardized models; the FA-2E, a lateral type for a low flow rate, and the FA-40VEW, a vertical type for a high flow rate. The FA-2E employs a spray system for single wafer processing while the FA-40VEW is suitable for cleaning 200/300 mm wafers.

H-shaped thick bellows are used (Only FA-40VEW). They have excellent resistance to high pressure and a long life to withstand continuous long-time operation. When connected to a special controller, the discharge can be controlled and monitored easily.


Liquid temp. range to 100 C deg.
Max. stroke speed150 spm
Max. supplied air pressure0.4 MPa
Max. discharge capacity2 L/min
Max. Air consumption50 NL/min
Main materialsPTFE, PFA

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