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Pneumatic drive bellows pumps

Dampener PD-H

Reduces pulsation and prevents particle formation through filter and piper vibration. Compact and low-cost dampener for FS. Liquid can be easily drained from the bellows.


Dampener PDA-W

Automatic dampener for FW, FW-H, and FS as it can automatically adjust to minimum pulse pressure even if the discharge load of pump is fluctuating. Suitable for feeding chemicals because of its high pressure specifications. Liquid inside the bellows can be easily removed.


Quick exhaust valve QEV

When this is installed between the pump and the solenoid, corrosion of the solenoid due to return air is prevented. It also reduces exhaust resistance to allow the bellow to move smoothly.


Controller FDC

Controller for F series (all models). When it is connected to electro-magnetic regulator, it is ossible to keep the discharge rate of pump constant. Therefore, even if the discharge load is fluctuating, stable filtration and circulation can be achieved. Flow rate, number of strokes, and total count can be monitored.


Driver FD

This is a low cost pump driver. FD-1 is for FF, FF-H, and FA, FD-2 is for FW, FW-H, and FD-3 is for FS. With constant number of strokes features, the number of strokes can be kept constant even when the discharge load of pump is fluctuating.