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APN serie
Air pumps

Capable of transferring clean gas

The pumps in this series are of the diaphragm type and excel in airtightness. The pump keeps the handled gas clean while compressing, suctioning, and transferring. Therefore, this pump is ideal for gas analysis and for suction and exhaust of special gas.

Wide variety of models

All pump models in this series are available as standardized single or two-heads in parallel or series. This wide variety of models, combined with various material compositions, makes it possible to handle any type of gas.

Superior durability

The pump uses a new type of diaphragm that can withstand continuous operation over a long time. The other parts used in the pump also have greatly improved durability over conventional models.

Required power range1 to 200 W / AC100 V, DC12 V, DC24 V
Max. air discharge pressure0.2 MPa
Max. air discharge capacity100/110 L/min
Main materialsGFRPP, ADC12, EPDM, NBR
Ultimate vacuumMax. 3.33 kPa

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