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MX series
Process pumps

Reliable & energy efficient magnetic drive pumps

Self-radiating structure (PAT.)

Through heat-dispersion holes provided in the fixed portions of the impeller and the magnet capsule, the liquid around the spindle and the bearing is forced to circulate so that heat generated by sliding can be reduced effectively. Thus, thermal deformation and melt are prevented.

Non-contact structure

By installing the driving magnet and the driven magnet in an inventive way, the movement of the magnet capsule is controlled by magnetic force to prevent the rear thrust and the rear portion of the bearing coming into contact with each other continuously even during dry running. This structure reduces heat generation and secures lubricant routes. (Except MX-70, 100)

Volute casing divided into two sections (PAT.)

The MX series is the first resin magnet pump which uses the pump casing divided into the front casing and the rear casing to form a vortex chamber as an ideal form. Therefore, the internal leak phenomenon, which means that the liquid getting out of the impeller returns to the pump casing and is suppressed to a minimum and the liquid is efficiently guided to the discharge port to enhance overall efficiency.

Robust structure

All stress bearing portions, such as the front and rear casings, are reinforced by means of ribs to improve the pressure resistance and the mechanical strength of the pump. The bearing is not only fixed by conventional press fit but is also sandwiched between the abutting portion in the depth of the magnet capsule and the rear end of the impeller to improve its reliability under high temperature. (Except MX-70, 100)

Max. flow48 m3/u
Max. head39 m
Required power range0,15 - 4 kW
Main materialsGFRPP
Liquid temp. range0 ~ 80 grC
Sealing methodSeal-less construction

MX series


  • Performance curve
MX-70 MX-250 - MX-505
 MX-70_(M)  MX-250
 MX-70_(M)-11  MX-250A
 MX-70_(M)-13  MX-251
 MX-70_(M)-32  MX-251A
 MX-70_(M)-33  MX-400
 MX-70_(M)-34  MX-400A
MX-100  MX-401
 MX-100_(M)  MX-401A
 MX-100_(M)-11  MX-402
 MX-100_(M)-13  MX-402H
 MX-100_(M)-32  MX-403
 MX-100_(M)-33  MX-403H
 MX-100_(M)-34  MX-505