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MD series
Small size pumps

Highly reliable, compact magnetic drive pumps.

Field-proven reliability

A large number of pumps in this series have been delivered to customers at home and abroad, earning high acclaim for their superior reliability. This is the best-selling series in the world.

An incomparable range of models available

The MD series comes in a total of 38 models. A wide range of flow rates, hose connections, and threaded connections (M type) are available as standardized models. In addition, dedicated high-head, large-flow-rate models are available. The most economical and suitable pump can be selected from this wide variety of models.

Leakage-free, sealless structure

As is common with corrosion-resistant pumps, this series uses the magnetic drive method, eliminating problems caused by liquid leakage.

Superior corrosion resistance

The pumps in this series are constructed mainly with polypropylene while at the same time using superior corrosion-resistant parts manufactured from ceramics, PTFE, and FKM. Therefore, they can be used to transfer strong acids and various other chemicals.

Simple and compact

The pump structure is extremely simple. Consisting of several unitized parts, the pump is easy to maintain.

Max. flow135 l/min
Max. head14,3 m
Required power range5 - 265 W
Main materialsGFRPP
Liquid temp. range0 ~ 80 grC
Sealing methodSeal-less construction

 MD-6/6Z/10  MD-40R/RX/RZ(-5)
 MD-15R  MD-55R(-5)
 MD-20R/RX/RZ  MD-70R/RZ
 MD-30R/RX/RZ  MD-100R(-5)


  • Performance curve
 MD-6Z  MD-40R(M)-220N
 MD-10-230GS  MD-40RX(M)-220N
 MD-15R(M)-230GS  MD-40RZ(M)-220N
 MD-20R(M)-220N  MD-40RZ-5(M)-220N
 MD-20RX(M)-220N  MD-55R(M)
 MD-20RZ(M)-220N  MD-55R-5(M)
 MD-30R(M)-220N  MD-70R(M)
 MD-30RX(M)-220N  MD-70RZ(M)
 MD-30RZ(M)-220N  MD-100R(M)


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