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MD-F, MD-V series
Small size pumps

Corrosion resistant, compact magnetic drive pumps

Superior corrosion resistance

Manufactured mainly from superior corrosion-resistant CFRETFE, the pumps in this series are exclusively designed to handle highly corrosive liquids. The spindle, bearing, and other sliding parts are SiC ceramics, allowing the pump to handle all type of chemicals including strong acids/alkalies and organic solvents.

Leakage-free, sealless structure

As is common with corrosion-resistant pumps, this series uses the magnetic drive method, eliminating problems caused by liquid leakage.

Capable of handling high specific gravity liquid

The MD-F series is designed specifically to handle strong acids and other high specific gravity liquids. The pumps in this series use one of three standardized impellers according to the specific gravity of the liquid handled. As a result, this series greatly expands the range of liquids that can be handled.

Max. flow125 l/min
Max. head14,3 m
Required power range10 - 365 W
Main materialsCFRETFE, CFRPvdF
Liquid temp. range0 ~ 80 grC
Sealing methodSeal-less construction

 MD-15F/30F  MD-15RV/20ZRVM
 MD-55F/100F  MD-30RVM/RZVM


  • Performance curve
 MD-15FX-220N  MD-15RV-220N
 MD-15FY-220N  MD-20RZV(M)-220N
 MD-30FX-220N  MD-30RV(M)-220N
 MD-30FY-220N  MD-30RZV(M)-220N
 MD-55FX  MD-70RV(M)
 MD-55FY  MD-70RZV(M)


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