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ES serie
Elektromagnetische doseerpompen

High speed operation

Up to 360 strokes per minute results in high resolution chemical feed, elimination of slug-feed effects.

Compact size

Ideal for OEM specifications, ES pumps are small, quiet, and lightweight.

Double ball check valves

The ball, seat and guide assembly ensures a tight seal to prevent loss of prime.

Long lasting diaphragm

PTFE laminate over EPDM is molded onto a solid core. A retainer plate is provided to minimize flow rate changes as pressure varies.

Max. discharge capacity2,28 ~ 24 l/u
Max. discharge pressure 10 bar
Stroke rate0 ~ 360 spm
Main materialsPVC, PP, PvdF
Liquid temp. range0 ~ 40 grC

  • Spare part list
ES-B Series ES-C Series
 ES-B10  ES-C16
 ES-B11  ES-C21
 ES-B15  ES-C31
 ES-B16  ES-C36


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