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A new generation of advanced metering pump technology!

Introducing the IX Series Advanced Metering Pumps

The IX Series are direct-drive, digitally controlled metering pumps combining both accuracy and flexibility into an energy efficient design.  Precise control is maintained over a wide output range, enabling one pump to satisfy a broad range of application flow rate requirements.  The IX Series meets today’s demands for automated chemical delivery in industries from wastewater treatment to chemical process.

The newest size expands the IX Series to a maximum capacity of 150 l/h and a pressure rating up to 10 bar.  A turndown ratio of 750:1 enables only two models to satisfy most chemical metering applications. The advanced head design and fixed stroke length maintain a high compression ratio throughout each stroke, resulting in fast priming and no gas-lock conditions. Precise motor control coupled with an efficient check valve design creates accurate performance of +/-1% over the entire output range.  Average power consumption is only 62 watts!  Helical gears and return springs reduce power consumption by up to 70% compared to conventional motor-driven mechanical metering pumps.  The IX drive requires no oil bath or additional lubrication.  In fact, the drive is maintenance free over the life of the pump.