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Company profile

IWAKI Japan originally started as a distributor of laboratory devices and became in 1959 producer of pumps for the chemical industry. Since then, IWAKI developed a wide range of new products.

Currently IWAKI offers more than 500 pumps types, including magnetic drive pumps, dosing pumps and pump series for very specific applications. In the chemical industry IWAKI nowadays is one of the leading pump manufacturers worldwide. We owe this to continuous study and development and to the fact that quality is our top priority.

IWAKI Belgium has its own warehouse and a technical support and repair service. Therefore we can always help you with all pump related problems. Our employees are highly professional. Our representatives are trained to offer you on site a solution for all your problems with liquid transfer and pump technology in your business.

So do not hesitate to contact IWAKI if you have a problematic pump application. We do everything in our power to optimize all challenges of fluids transport in your company, using our high quality pump technology.